Learn to Cave Dive


Become a Certified Cave Diver

Get Started: The opportunity to become a fully certified cave diver is why most students approach us in the first place. And, it is one of the things we specialize in. We have an entire page is designed to help answer the most common questions about learning to cave dive, including Who can learn? and What’s involved? More…

Tech/Stage Cave Diver

Go Further: Sooner or later, cave divers may discover that they have gone as far in their favorite caves as backmounted or sidemounted doubles can take them. When that happens, it’s time to explore ways divers can extend their range as safely and as effectively as possible. One way is through the use of stage bottles. Another way is to combine the knowledge and skills learned through cave diving with those common to technical deep diving. The Tech/Stage course covers both. More…

DPV Cave Diver

Fly Under Water: By far the most efficient way to extend your cave diving range is use of Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs). You can use these by themselves or in conjunction with stage bottles to go even further. Using DPVs in caves, however, can come with a price. For example, a DPV can take you further into a cave in 10 minutes than you can swim out in 30 — and require a sixth as much air to do so, rendering the normal Rule of Thirds inadequate for safe gas management. More…

Advanced Sidemount Cave Diver

For When Things Get Tight: Although sidemount has become“just another way to cave dive,” it was originally developed to allow cave divers to go places you simply can’t fit if using backmount. This type of extreme cave diving remains the goal of a some divers. It does, however, require special training. More…

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