Learn to Tech Dive


xTek Basics and Rescue

Start Here: If you want to go beyond the limits of recreational diving, this is where you start. The xTek Basics and Rescue course covers the fundamental skills common to all technical diving — plus expands on what you learned in the Rescue Diver course to cover assisting divers who may have substantially different equipment and needs. This course lays the foundation you will need to progress to the xTek 45/Stage Deco Procedures and xTek 60/Trimix courses. More…

xTek 45/Deco Procedures

The Next Step: Where the xTek Basics and Rescue course lays the foundation for technical diving, in this program you actually start making decompression dives, to depths of as much as 45 m/150 feet. And, while the Basics course emphasizes skill development, this one emphasizes actual diving. Nevertheless, your base of knowledge and skill will grow during this course. More…

xTek 60/Trimix

Go Beyond: As depths approach 40 m/130 ft, the addition of helium to gas mixtures can help mitigate the effects of inert-gas narcosis. Past 45 m/150 ft, its use is all but essential. Using helium-based gas mixtures, coupled with the greater depths, can significantly increase both the risk and complexity of dives. This is why, if you plan to break the 45 m/150 ft depth limit, this training is essential. More…

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